• 24Sep
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    On a savage monster they ride

    with crowns of gold and teeth like a lion’s cover up

    They are the barbarians, the grasshoppers with reasonable hair that blows,

    a lady executed in fight and the sound of chariots

    moving in their wings, similar to the thundering of stallions hurrying to a recolored glass church

    Their faces furious and breastplates made of iron,

    in the night looks aslant, glint, look, sparkle, stew in an irrepressible sight

    Into a draining heart the touchy saber should delve in profound, rankle, and burn, might there ever be any plan of action, a way to address the issue, a choice, an option, an asset, a fine young lady, some place cool, hip, far out, blissful, blessedness over and over

    Since it might all descend like falling grapes, carnage for the persecuted

    what’s more, the disposed of who sit tight for charming recollections, a continuation of the frantic hatter,

    a parkway, deadlock, obscured back road to a vitreous rank

    Yet, do whatever you can do, you should see it in their skin, tight thigh, winsome pie,

    repulsive tracks will do it for all of you over, so simply be set up to encounter it

    prior to the cargo prepare goes forward in a land that has known no war, just fights and messy traps in forlorn rooms

    High moon fever may convey it to the fore, a stately shade, mercury blue errand person benefit, lamp oil, a slavic mixed drink past a yeoman’s open entryway, hurrying ocean saddle off to the night yore, tight undies, collection, old ruler solomon, henry, twattle, mountains aplenty

    Raise it to the rooftop bars for there will be many fish that make it to the nearest shore,

    wearing fine underskirts, worn shoes and patent cowhide boots, short skirts, wet noodles, caviar no unsettled court or ramblings on the bearing rule

    Multiplication, magnificence, head, it may be smarter to end up being dead

    yet, this might happen, there is no motivation to question

    Freedom can be a clever thing as there might be significant truth in worshiping

    like an apparition, a trek to the removed past for there are unpretentious pictures that may come

    hovering to a slave, intense, warm, generated from a shred of proof, shudder, chip, break separated at the creases

    At last it might be a skirmish of the will, presentation to a debate that will take no detainees

    The specialists are equivalent to grave discipline, psychosis, impromptu lunacy, nelophobia, dirty pool sickness at the entryway

    Since every last bit of it is submerged in blood, profound infiltration trickling close to the sultan, awesome moolah wampum lounging on a field.